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Agent vs Manager: What’s the Difference and Should You Have Both?


Often times talent will have both an agent and a manager. But why do you need both? Why give away more commission?

Essentially, the main purpose of both these people is to build your career. When it comes to getting you hired on recurring jobs, both your manager and agent will expend their resources to make that happen and there will be a lot of overlap in their responsibilities. They’ll get you in meetings, submit you for jobs and market your name. Aside from that, their a certain duties that one is more responsible for than the other. A manager will work with you to improve your talent and help you become better at what you do. If you’re an actor, a manager may take the time to go over sides with you and practices scenes. If you’re a writer, a manager will give you script notes and develop your projects. An agent on the other hand, won’t usually perform any of those tasks. They will, however, scour the town for the right jobs for you, negotiate your contract and get the best deal. It’s their job to get you your quote, make sure you’re looked after on the back-end, and that your next job will be get you equal or more pay than the previous.

Another reason to have both a manager and an agent is access to a wider talent base. In other words, reps love to package projects with as many of their clients as possible. So if you’re repped by an agent and a manager, you get easier access to both of their talent pools and better your chances of attaching them to your projects.

Another key difference is that managers can and will get producer or executive producer credit on any of your projects you set up. Agents, by law, are not allowed to receive producer credit.

Top agencies include: CAA, WME, UTA, ICM, Paradigm, Gersh, Resolution & APA. See: Agency

Top management companies include: Anonymous Content, 3 Arts, Brillstein, Principato-Young, Management 360, Untitled, Mosaic and Gotham.




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