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What should I write about?


You’ve heard it many times, “Write what you know.” An established TV writer (who will remain anonymous) told me to ignore this statement. She said not to worry about writing what you already know. You can always do research on something you want to write about. However, what you should try to do, is write WHO you know. I know this isn’t always possible, but unless you’re writing a biopic, you should always write characters based of people you know or have experience with. Character is so important, and the best way to flush them out and convey a captivating character is to base it off of someone you are familiar with.

More importantly, don’t worry about what’s selling, or what executives are looking for. Write what’s important to you. Write what you’re passionate about. In this business you are going to lose more than you will win, but in both cases, you DON’T want to experience it with something you are not passionate about. What matters is a good story, good characters, and great passion for each. All of these will be recognized on the page.


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