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What Separates Good Directors From the Great Ones


Directors are often defined by their signature set pieces – the big cinematic scenes that people remember like E.T. flying across the moon on a bike, or Rose and Jack standing on the bow of the Titanic, or Jack Nicholson’s psychotic face peering through a broken door. Aside from these picturesque visuals, however, every movie will always contain scenes with very little cinematic value… ie two people in a room talking. It is how the director covers these scenes and what frame choices he/she uses that separate the good directors from the great directors. Check out this Vimeo page from Tony Zhou who does an incredible job breaking down the technique of David Fincher and how he brilliantly covers his scenes with exposition and dialogue. Take note on the choices he makes on when to cut to wide, when to use close ups and when to use movement.


As seen on Every Frame A Painting by Tony Zhou


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