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What is TV Spec?


Much like a feature spec, this is a TV script that a writer chooses to write for free. However, in TV, a spec is an original episode of an already-existing television show. Screenwriters who are looking to get hired as a write on a TV show will often submit a TV spec to prove their writing ability. The idea is to show the studio/network/showrunner that the writer can write for a show they didn’t create, and depict characters that aren’t theirs.


Tips for writing TV specs:

– Write for a show that has been around for at least two seasons and is currently still on the air. Never write for one that’s been canceled.

– Don’t write for a series that is about to end. Once a show ends your spec has less value and you want your spec to have the longest shelf life possible.

– It always works in your favor to write for a show that is very successful and that everyone knows.

– Don’t write for the show that you want to write on.


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