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What is the WGA?


Stands for the Writers Guild Of America. It’s the labor union that represents and protects the interest of writers in film, television, radio, and new media. There are approximately 20,000 members.

There are two branches of the WGA. One representing the writers of Hollywood and Southern California (WGA West) and one representing the writers east of the Mississippi (WGA East). If you ever need to find out what minimum payment (aka scale) is for a feature screenplay, cable pilot script, network pilot script, comedy episode script etc, you can find all this information on their website

The WGAw is governed by its membership. Elections for a board of directors are held annually by secret mail-in ballot. Half of the board is elected each year to a two-year term of office, and a board member may not serve more than four consecutive terms. Following its 2009 elections, the officers are:

  • President: Christopher Keyser
  • Vice President: Howard A. Rodman
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Carl Gottlieb
  • Board of Directors: John Aboud, Scott Alexander, Alfredo Barrios, Jr., Linda Burstyn, Marjorie David, Ian Deitchman, Carleton Eastlake, Katherine Fugate, David Goodman, Chip Johannessen, Kathy Kiernan, Michael Oates Palmer, Billy Ray, Thania St. John, Dan Wilcox





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