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What is a High Concept Idea?


Anyone who wants to make a commercially viable movie loves a high concept idea. This is a premise or an idea that can be described succinctly in very few words and can be effectively advertised. It’s often an idea that isn’t grounded in reality but can easily be imagined if it was. High concept narratives are typically associated with a “what if?” scenario that sets the story in motion. Here are some examples of successful high concept films:

LIAR LIAR (What if you were a lawyer and couldn’t lie for one day?)

BACK TO THE FUTURE (What if you could travel back in time and change your future?)

JURASSIC PARK (What if you could clone dinosaurs?)

GROUNDHOG DAY (What if you repeated the same day over again and again?)

FREAKY FRIDAY (What if you and your teenage daughter switched bodies?)

BRUCE ALMIGHTY (What if you were given all the powers of God?)

BIG (What if a young boy physically ages to adulthood overnight?)

TOY STORY (What if toys came to life when humans weren’t around)



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