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What is a Denouement?


Pronounced dāno͞oˈmäN. These are the concluding scenes after the climax of a film where we tie up all the story elements and finish our character’s arc. This is a crucial part in the story telling process as it determines the final feeling you leave with your audience when they leave the theatre. The original denouement for THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION had Red sitting on a bus headed for Zihuatanejo and the film ended as we pulled back watching the bus drive off in the distance. Director Frank Darabont was not satisfied with this and fought tooth and nail to convince the studio to let him shoot the final scene where Red finds Andy on the beach fixing his boat. Could you imagine if the movie ended with the original denouement? The feeling and overall impression of the movie would not have been the same. Never underestimate the effectiveness of your denouement.

red shawshank


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