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What is a Covering Agent?


Within an agency, the job of most agents is to service their clients, get them jobs and collect commission. There are other agents, however, who’s job is to monitor the needs of studios, financiers and productions companies so that they can put clients up for jobs the moment they’re posted. These are known as ‘covering agents’. Each covering agent is assigned a group of studios, networks, production companies to ‘cover’ and develop relationships with their executives.  It’s the job of a covering agent to know when these companies have any ODAs, OWAs or casting roles that need to be filled. The covering agents will then share this information with all the point agents so they can then put their clients up for the job assignments. Covering agents usually don’t have a client roster they directly service, and if they do they share it with a team of other agents. Their main purpose is to stay on top of their assigned companies so that their agency’s clients get put up for available jobs before their competition does. This is a win-win for both sides. The agency has direct communication lines to all the potential employers and the employers have direct lines to an agent at each agency who’s job it is to answer their calls and give them great candidates.


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