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What is a Casting Director?


In general, a casting director is responsible for filling all the roles within a film or a TV show with the appropriate actors. Of course, for the major roles, the director and producer will have final say as to who gets cast. Therefore, with these major roles, it’s the casting director’s job to audition all the actors and narrow it down to a select number of actors that the director and producer will get to see.  There will also be smaller less significant roles that a director or producer may not have time to sit through auditions for. In this case, it would be the casting directors job to find the right actor to fill in those roles. It is the responsibility casting director (and his/her staff) to coordinate all the auditions and communicate with the actors (or their agents). He/she must have a solid grasp of all the actors in the industry no matter how big or small their resume may be. 

Casting directors of part of the IBT (Teamsters’ Union), NOT the DGA.


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