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Things to Consider When Location Scouting for an Outdoor Scene.


When you are looking at outdoor locations, it is important to not just focus what the setting looks like, but what it will be like to work with the elements. Here are some things to consider:

1) THE SUN – Make sure you consult with your director and DP to see if the sun will be where they want it to be when you are on location. Your location might not allow for certain angles to be shot at specific parts of the day.

2) ELECTRICITY – Will you have accessible outlets for electricity or will you need a generator? 

3) PERMITS – Most outdoor locations require a permit from the city to allow you to shoo their. Permits range in price range and allotted shooting hours. Make sure the permit is affordable and appropriate for your location. If you shoot without a permit, and the police catch you, they can take away your footage and write you a ticket.

4) BATHROOM – Make sure there is a bathroom nearby or be prepared to order a port-a-potty.

5) NOISE – Be aware of any nearby streets or people that may cause unwanted noise.

6) PARKING – Make sure there enough convenient places for the cast and crew to park their cars. Sometimes, depending on the city, you can request to have parking spots blocked off for your film shoot.

7) BASE CAMP – Make sure there is enough space at our close by your setting to have a base camp for all your crew to be when they are not shooting. Make room for craft services, grip trucks, honeywagons and other equipment.



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