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So you wanna be an independent film maker? Let Sundance put things into perspective for you.


If you want to avoid the studio system, explore the world of independent film making, here are some statistics/facts from this year’s Sundance Film Festival – one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in the world. I’m by no means discouraging independent films. I absolutely love independent films and feel like the studios are putting out more and more garbage every year. However, independent film making is a difficult and risky industry, and I hope these numbers allow you to have a bit of perspective when it comes to this grueling industry.

– Over 5000 films were submitted into Sundance.  Under 300 we chosen

– 38 out of 300 films were sold to distributors.  28 Features, 10 documentaries.

– 4 films were sold for more than 3 million dollars. 2 of these were sold as remake rights

– 2 out of those 4 films sold for more than their budget.

– All the films that sold for $750K or more had cast that previously played leading roles in studio films.

To summarize, of all the films submitted into Sundance, 0.0076% earned revenue, and 0.0004% made a profit. That isn’t to say that the 0.0076% won’t go on to make money, but the point is that if you want to pursue independent film making, the odds are definitely against you if you rely on festivals to recoup costs and make profit.

Click here to see which films got sold to distributors.


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